Saturday, 6 August 2011

Why don't you Ask Moda?

Hi all,

I've been an immensely lazy blogger recently! I've started working a second job as a hostess so I can save up for the big move to London (next July, but hey! The early bird catches the worm, or so they say!), so I simply just haven't been able to find the time :(.

I've also recently been asked to be involved with an exciting new styling venture called ASK MODA as a blogger/ community leader EXCITING STUFF. It's an interactive styling style where user can post outfits and get instant feedback from the community of fellow style enthusiasts. 

So here's a scenario for example, say your in Topshop, trying on a dress, and your just not sure, take a quick snap and upload it! You'll then get advice from like minded fashion lovers. You can do it anywhere, in your room,in the car, at work. Fashion advice is now only a touch away!

The product is still in the development stages at the moment, but its launching in the next few weeks,and are looking for BETA testers to try the program out.Interested? You can sign up your name and email address at ASK MODA, and have the chance of winning a £50 voucher for H&M, it's really that easy! Follow us on twitter too @askmodaHQ.

Show some support!
Peace and Love

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