Saturday, 6 August 2011

Oh dear...

In keeping with the Proenza Schouler's SS10 look of neon ombring, we've seen many a celeb try their hand at this tricky trend.  First Lauren Conrad added a few purple streaks to her infamous Californian mane, we've even seen Katy Perry go from black, to blonde to bright pink (which by the way, I'm absolutely loving!)..... And then I saw this....

Oh dear Kate Bosworth, one of my favourite blondes, has went and done THIS. I can't put my finger on exactly why I hate this so much, maybe is it that her hair is too thin to carry this look off? Or is that it looks like a D.I.Y job.... hmmmmm.

Anyway Kate, please return to your gorgeous blonde locks soon!

Peace and Love

Why don't you Ask Moda?

Hi all,

I've been an immensely lazy blogger recently! I've started working a second job as a hostess so I can save up for the big move to London (next July, but hey! The early bird catches the worm, or so they say!), so I simply just haven't been able to find the time :(.

I've also recently been asked to be involved with an exciting new styling venture called ASK MODA as a blogger/ community leader EXCITING STUFF. It's an interactive styling style where user can post outfits and get instant feedback from the community of fellow style enthusiasts. 

So here's a scenario for example, say your in Topshop, trying on a dress, and your just not sure, take a quick snap and upload it! You'll then get advice from like minded fashion lovers. You can do it anywhere, in your room,in the car, at work. Fashion advice is now only a touch away!

The product is still in the development stages at the moment, but its launching in the next few weeks,and are looking for BETA testers to try the program out.Interested? You can sign up your name and email address at ASK MODA, and have the chance of winning a £50 voucher for H&M, it's really that easy! Follow us on twitter too @askmodaHQ.

Show some support!
Peace and Love

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A final farewell to Amy

I'm still in complete shock as a type this, but I'm sure as everyone knows, sadly, Amy Winehouse passed away yesterday at the tender age of 27.

Although the cause of her death is still to be confirmed,it was no secret that Amy battled with some very powerful demons during the past few years. Drink and drugs were,in the end, the demise of this beautiful and talented young woman,who sang about true, honest heartbreak like no one else.

What a waste of such young and amazing talent.

My thought are with all Amy's family and friends.

RIP Amy.

Love FP xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

#26 Barcelona Wish List

Hi Readers,

I'm off to Barcelona in 3 short weeks time with my wonderful friend Paula (Catalonia better watch out!!), and I've been far too busy organising my placement for Fashion week, getting my blog up and running and working to even think about the eagerly anticipated annual HOLIDAY SHOP!

I've been looking for a few different signature pieces, as I'm pretty sure I'm Topshop'd up to the eye balls for the foreseeable future. I've been a huge fan of NASTY GAL, and online vintage store which is based in LA, for a while now, and have had my lustful eye on these pieces.

Heavy Metal Silk Top $88

Shredded Tee $66

Rainbow Daze Dress $128

I also came across this beautiful dress from the brand Reverse on LOOKBOOK.NU courtesy of Nicola Kirkbride.

I've managed to hunt this dress down for a reasonable £29.99! It's as good as mine!

I'm going to start a 'Today I'm Wearing' part of my blog pretty soon! So hopefully I'll be beaming these outfits down to you pretty soon!

Love FP xx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

#25 Stacey Marie Laws

I've known Stacey since we were four years old, back in the good old days of primary school. She's graduating from Northumbria University today with an excellent fashion degree.

This year's been something of a dream for Stacey, after a lot of hard work,  her collection returned back to the North East receiving rave reviews after showing at GFW.

Stacey's collection, Feis, takes inspiration from sportswear and more particularly motorcycle clothing. Her designs have a hard Gothic feel which still boasts femininity at the same time. Her look book is stunning, model, Frankie Cunningham, was the perfect choice for this shoot with her porcelain, Gothic looks.

A big well done to Stacey. She honestly deserves every success in the future.

Love FP xx

Feis Visual Lookbook.

Monday, 18 July 2011

#24 Anne He

These beautiful photographs are from sixteen year old Anne He, yep, SIXTEEN! Her taste is impeccable, for her images to have such an editorial edge at such a young age. Her work is exceptionally inspirational, check out her blog in the link above.

Love FP xx

#23 Anna Stephenson

Graduate Fashion week saw the birth of the up and coming 'ones to watch' of the design world last month. I've fallen completely head over heels with the work done by Anna Stephenson from the Edinburgh College of Arts. Her designs are gorgeous hand painted floral designs which include a lot of shredded detail, which seems to be everywhere this season. Her designs have already been seen on some of London's most fashionable Glitterati such as Bip Ling. I've got my fingers cross for her, I need some of these dresses in my wardrobe ASAP!

Here's some photos from her look book

Love FP xx

#22 Rihanna

So she isn't amazing????

#21 FMP research

The purpose of this blog, as stated in the first couple of posts, is to research potential stories and pieces for my final major project for my third and final year of University, and although it's summer the work doesn't stop. As well as continuing research for my much dreaded dissertation, I'm still thoroughly enjoying researching and thinking up new ideas.

My concept is still a fashion, arts and culture magazine, so this will include pieces on new designers, local musicians and artists.

I'm already in the early stages for organising a shoot with my friend Rachael, who is a recent Textile and Surface Pattern design graduate. Check out her blog, Rachael Dobbins Blogspot. She's really talented and has some beautifully intricate pieces. She's recently started these which I've fallen in love with, and we are going to feature them, along with other pieces in a Indian themed shoot. Really looking forward to this. I'll keep you updated with any progress.

Love FP xx

All Photos in this post courtesy of Rachael Dobbins Blogspot

#19 My Styling and Photography Work

I got the marks back from my styling and photography work and I was so happy to find out I got a first! I was going to put all my work on here for you all to see, but I've lost my USB pen, so for now, this is all I can show you.
Our brief was to shoot and style a front cover for an existing magazine as well as a four page editorial spread. My concept for the front cover was shadows from nature, which is the shadow you can see that has been merged with the photo of Ellis on the cover.

Hopefully I can get the rest on and show you soon!

Love FP xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

#18 London Fashion Week Placement

Today I'm a VERY excited blogger! Just received an email from Sarah at POP PR confirming my place as an intern at the upcoming LFW. POP PR have been confirmed to be working 3 shows so far during LFW, and they represent designers such as Ashley Isham, Bernard Chandran, and Emmanuel Katsaros.

I've got a meet and greet and induction with the rest of the team on the 31st August in London, so wish me luck!

Love FP

Saturday, 9 July 2011

#17 Gaga Inspiration

Lady Gaga started her own blog, Amen Fashion! Guaranteed I'm be keeping a firm eye on this one! Her 'element of surprise' take on fashion has me enthralled every time. Here's her blogging life in pictures so far.

Enjoy, as always
FP x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

#16 Interiors Inspiration Cont.

#15 - Couture, The Favourites.

Hi all,

I absolutely LOVE looking at the Couture, I've been seeking inspiration from the AW11/12 Couture shows.

Couture fashion is so memorising, it allows designers and skilled seamstresses to push the boundaries  of their skills and imagination, resulting in some the most remarkable pieces of fashion to be seen going to the runway.

Here's some my my latest favourites from the past season:

Givenchy, absolutely perfect -

Valentino -

Friday, 1 July 2011

#14 - Welcome Mrs. Jamie Hince

As we all know, fashion icon and eternal party girl Kate Moss married Kills' guitarist Jamie Hince today in a private ceremony in the Cotswold.

The first pictures have emerged and she looks simply stunning. The dress, by disgraced fashion designer and long time friend of Moss, John Galliano, gives a nodded to Kate's signature style, vintage-inspired and gorgeous embellished.

It's obvious Jamie Hince didnt want to forget about his rock and roll roots either in a blue YSL suit and 1950's teddy boy hair.

Can't wait for more photos to be released.The official wedding photographer was Mario Testino, although I doubt we'll ever get to see them if Kate stays true to her secretive ways.

Congratulations to them both :)