Monday, 18 July 2011

#21 FMP research

The purpose of this blog, as stated in the first couple of posts, is to research potential stories and pieces for my final major project for my third and final year of University, and although it's summer the work doesn't stop. As well as continuing research for my much dreaded dissertation, I'm still thoroughly enjoying researching and thinking up new ideas.

My concept is still a fashion, arts and culture magazine, so this will include pieces on new designers, local musicians and artists.

I'm already in the early stages for organising a shoot with my friend Rachael, who is a recent Textile and Surface Pattern design graduate. Check out her blog, Rachael Dobbins Blogspot. She's really talented and has some beautifully intricate pieces. She's recently started these which I've fallen in love with, and we are going to feature them, along with other pieces in a Indian themed shoot. Really looking forward to this. I'll keep you updated with any progress.

Love FP xx

All Photos in this post courtesy of Rachael Dobbins Blogspot

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