Wednesday, 20 July 2011

#26 Barcelona Wish List

Hi Readers,

I'm off to Barcelona in 3 short weeks time with my wonderful friend Paula (Catalonia better watch out!!), and I've been far too busy organising my placement for Fashion week, getting my blog up and running and working to even think about the eagerly anticipated annual HOLIDAY SHOP!

I've been looking for a few different signature pieces, as I'm pretty sure I'm Topshop'd up to the eye balls for the foreseeable future. I've been a huge fan of NASTY GAL, and online vintage store which is based in LA, for a while now, and have had my lustful eye on these pieces.

Heavy Metal Silk Top $88

Shredded Tee $66

Rainbow Daze Dress $128

I also came across this beautiful dress from the brand Reverse on LOOKBOOK.NU courtesy of Nicola Kirkbride.

I've managed to hunt this dress down for a reasonable £29.99! It's as good as mine!

I'm going to start a 'Today I'm Wearing' part of my blog pretty soon! So hopefully I'll be beaming these outfits down to you pretty soon!

Love FP xx

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